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Published on February 5th, 2016 | by Pete


How can a tradesman compete for work if price is all that matters?

You take great pride in your work, do a fantastic job and do it in an appropriate amount of time – yet sometimes it feels like all potential customers care about is getting the lowest quote for a job. How do you attract customers and make yourself stand out from the crowd when the main decider is the price charged? Here are some tips to attract clients without competing on price.

Maintain a relationship with past clients

One of the biggest mistakes tradesmen make is to end their relationship with a client at the end of their transaction. Doing this deprives you of the opportunity to enjoy repeat business. In many cases, past clients lose track of your contact details when they have need of your services again or when want to recommend you to someone else, forcing them to look elsewhere. Past clients who are familiar with your quality of work and can vouch for it are your best ambassadors! Having a system in place to keep track of customers and maintain contact with them can be an easy win. Simple gestures such as sending cards on Christmas or sending monthly greeting emails to all your past clients can land you more businesses.

Stay transparent and trustworthy

One of the biggest factors that attract customers to your business is a positive reputation. Customers appreciate working with tradesmen that will not waste their time and money so they take a look at what other people think about your business before they commit. One way to effortless ensure positive reputation is to stay transparent and strive to provide customers with a comprehensive service. With this, they can happily leave honest reviews about your business in any way they can.

Invest in local SEO

Local SEO is important for any small business today. Regardless of what services you offer as a tradesman, you want to make sure that all your target customers can find you online as soon as they search for your services. Increasing numbers of people shop or look for local businesses online. Therefore, your potential customer is more likely to quickly search for “plumber in Kensington” instead of asking the next door neighbour for contact details of one. With local SEO, your business website can become a valuable tool for landing local clients.

Invest in technology that allows more efficient customer handling

Do you take hours to reply to queries from potential customers? Do you have tools that allow customers to calculate how much they are likely to pay to use your service without necessarily contacting you? These are some of the considerations you have to make if you are struggling to keep up client numbers as a tradesman. Your customers want efficiency. If they sense a lack of it, you will lose them to the competition.

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