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Published on January 9th, 2016 | by Pete


How Legal DIY Services Have Developed Over the Years

Studies demonstrate that not all lawyers have websites of their own or own websites but have a virtual presence that is antiquated. So, some companies offer legal templates that can be downloaded by people. After downloading them, people can draft their own wills or other legal documents. Very soon, it is also possible that these companies that offer legal DIY services might substitute a majority of the services that solicitors offer.

Baby steps

Some legal Do It Yourself service providers begin by taking baby steps toward providing fuller services at a later date. At the moment, most of them just offer legal documents for download in the form of templates. These templates include wills, shareholder agreements, website terms and conditions, etc. They are gradually moving on to offer more services that are edging on substituting most of what solicitors or lawyers are offering at the moment. Currently, they are developing document assembly software programs too that can help people download and customize legal documents by improving their drafting efficiency and reducing the precious hours that are unrecoverable and could have otherwise been spent doing something useful. The companies that offer these services might even gradually develop further services that would possibly even substitute lawyer’s services that are highly expensive.

Document assembly software

The companies that offer legal DIY services are also offering document assembly software programs. However, the software programs have been developed such that users can only prepare wills at the moment by answering a few non-technical questions online. At the moment, this facility has not been rolled out for the other types of legal documents. However, it is expected that soon these services will also follow. The software programs for the other legal documents are also being developed by these companies so that more people can benefit from them.However, there are templates for the other documents that cannot be prepared unlike the wills. They are only readymade templates that can be downloaded and used by the customers. Soon, fuller services will be developed by these companies at a low cost.

Fuller services at a low cost

When the cash flow is tight but you would still like to start a new business, you might need to use certain legal documents such as website terms and conditions, articles of association, contractor service agreements, and the like. This is where some companies step in. They provide all the legal documents that you need in the form of templates. Of course, they offer not only these documents but also more. In fact, you can procure these from their online legal document repository. If you cannot afford a lawyer, this is the best alternative to the same. A solicitor would charge you more than a few hundred dollars per session. However, you can get these documents at a fraction of the cost of the services that lawyers provide. Besides, you can expect these companies to do more for you in the future that might even completely substitute the services of lawyers.

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