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Published on March 30th, 2013 | by Pete


Earnings vs. Happiness (The Grumpasourus Tales)

I’m fairly confident that I’ve written something about this topic before. But, as it has cropped up again, I think it is worth mentioning again. My wife has for a long time been working three jobs in order to make more money (obviously). However, this has taken its toll, and she has become increasingly fed up and tired working all of these hours. This has made her something of a grumpasourus in recent times (understandably) which has had a knock on effect on other areas of our lives.

She recently secured some more permanent hours at her main job, which means that some more income is now more secure (previously these hours had been available on an overtime basis, meaning they could have been taken away at any time). Also, we are a few months away from a few debts disappearing and more money being freed up every month. All this meant that the possibility of her leaving one of these extra jobs and having more time for herself was quite realistic.

It did mean that we would have less disposable income every month (not that we have much anyway) but it would not leave us destitute, or broke. Logical and impartial observers might say that she should stay at the job until the upcoming debt completion dates arrive. However, given we can manage without the income from this job, and it my wife not having to work the extra hours will allow her more time for relaxation, and for other things she wants to do, it is the right thing for her to leave the job.

There is some guilt attached to this decision (from her perspective) but ultimately, if it’s possible, I would always choose happiness over extra pounds. I know not everyone has the luxury of choice, but if it is available, and you are making more money than is absolutely essential, choose life! It might also help tame the grumpasourus in your life. Perhaps though, you have a different view…

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