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Published on April 25th, 2014 | by Pete


5 Tips for Getting You That Dream Job

Getting that dream job can be very hard, however there are some very simple tips that you can easily employ to give you the edge above the rest. Here are our five tips that will get you that dream job:

Maintain your CV

The CV is your first and sometimes only document a prospective employer will see, therefore give yourself the best chance possible and make it amazing. Presentation is important here but don’t think flair will make up for a bad layout. If you’re going for a creative job don’t be afraid to be creative; work towards your strengths. You want your CV to be memorable yet easy to read and ordered. It’s also important to customise your CV to the job. Your CV should only have relevant information pertaining to the job you are applying for on it; don’t fill it up with nonsense to make it longer!

Put Yourself Out There

Cold Calling might seem like a daunting exercise but the simple fact is that it works. The majority of jobs are never even posted on job websites; they are given through networking and cold calling. When cold calling make sure you have your best phone manners and know about the company you’re calling (this should be easy since it’s your dream job). If you get past the first few obstacles of the cold call make sure you get the name of the person you need to address on your cover letter and any other relevant information. If you don’t have a pen and paper ready when cold calling you’re setting yourself up for failure. Like all job hunting you may get frustrated at the rejections but don’t let that stop you!

Apply for job’s you might not be qualified for

Many of the jobs that are advertised are deliberately full of extra qualifications that may not be essential to the job advertised. This is a deliberate addition by the employer to sort out the wheat from the chaff. Enthusiasm for a job or business can make up for any skills that you may be lacking. The real question you have to ask yourself is ‘what do you have to lose?’ because the answer is ‘absolutely nothing’.

Update your skill set

Businesses like to see people constantly updating their skill set. In the ever more rapidly changing work environment you have to keep up with new technology and keep adding more feathers to your cap. Short courses like certificates and diplomas are perfect for this. Educational providers like HBA Learning can offer you the courses you want with flexible hours to cater for working people. Bettering yourself shows that you’re ready to do whatever it takes to succeed.

Address all the selection criteria in your cover letter.

If you’re replying to an advertisement that has been posted there will almost always be a list of selection criteria that the applicant must have. It is extremely important to customise your cover letter for each job and address ALL of the selection criteria. For jobs that have a large number of applicants they will simply skim the cover letter to see if the selection criteria has been addressed and if it hasn’t, your application won’t continue any further; it’s that simple.

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  1. Nectarios Petropoulos says:

    Thank you for all the wonderful tips! I can see that dream job is in front of my eyes now! Thanks again!

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