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Published on May 3rd, 2015 | by Pete


A Property Buyer’s Tips on Maximising Property Value

Property trends and fashions rise and fade all the time. If you’re not careful you can get into a never-ending cycle of change, yet still not really maximise the value of your property.

So what should you be concentrating on if not the furniture or decor? There are certain timeless things that affect how we perceive the fundamental value of a property, and few of them revolve around fashion or trends.

Here are a few:

Upkeep for Instant Appeal

Yes, it’s nice if you can afford the latest design in triple glazed windows or self-cleaning glass, but buyers are more interested in whether what’s already there has been well cared for. Keep your windows spotless, weed the flowerbeds, mow the lawn, and sweep the drive.

Similarly indoors:

• Mend broken fixtures like door handles
• Replace cracked tiles
• Keep grouting in bathrooms and kitchens spotless
• Get carpets professionally cleaned
• Regularly wipe down the skirting boards and door frames
• Wage war on dust and cobwebs everywhere

The little things you can do around the house all add up to make a big impact.

Fit for Purpose

The rooms in the house should reflect their intended use.

It’s good to bear this in mind when you’re considering making permanent or built-in changes to alter the use of a room. Built in workbenches are useful and practical in a hobby room, for instance, but they’re not ideal bedroom furniture.

We like to think people can imagine the home office or sewing room as their little girl’s bedroom, but in reality they often can’t. Buyers can be put off if they think they need to do a lot of work in order to reclaim a room for its intended use, and this can affect their estimation of the property’s value.

We’re not saying don’t make changes, just bear in mind you might need to unmake them when it comes time to sell.

Light and Space

The more light and space you bring into a property, the more buyers will like it. Even the most shaded houses can have more of a feeling of airiness through a few clever light tricks:

• Keep curtain fabrics light, both in fabric choice and colour, and make sure they pull back from the windows. Hold them in place with tiebacks to maximise the window’s width.

• Make use of wall lights or well-placed table lamps to throw light into dark corners. Uplighter’s work well to eliminate dark corners around ceilings, and they give a gentle diffused light across the whole room.

• Keep soft furnishings and carpeting light in colour. Dark colours absorb light, whereas lighter ones reflect it. Even a few cheerful scatter cushions can give a room a lift and make it seem brighter and more welcoming.

Less is More

It’s boring, but decluttering can make a house seem nearly twice as big. Clean kitchen worktops, the gleaming expanse of a dining table, or sparkling clear surfaces in the bathroom all give a sense of airiness and breathing space.

Having a good clear out and getting rid of all the accumulated clutter we tend to hoard is a personally liberating experience too, so it’s good for us as well as our houses.

Once you’ve got rid of the clutter, you can use what’s left to create meaningful and stylish displays with what’s left. Your ornaments and trinkets will look more tasteful, and your home will appear more comfortable and welcoming.

None of these tips will cause much of a stretch financially, but they all go a long way towards helping you maximise your property’s value. Even if you’re not selling right now, you’ll be in a far better position for a quick sale when the time comes, and it’ll take a lot less effort to prepare.

Drew writes for Black Brick Buying Agency, based in London.

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