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Published on September 21st, 2014 | by Pete


Appraising Alternative Types of Home-Improvement

Consumer spending and borrowing is on the rise in the UK, as home-owners in particular look to take out loans, consolidate their savings and boost the value in the home. If you are considering investing your savings, or taking out a loan for home improvements such as one from Nemo to extend or renovate your property, you may like to consider the following tips for improving your home.

There are different kinds of improvements that can be made to your home and these will be considered in turn: –

1. Cosmetic Improvements

Cosmetic improvements can be the least expensive way to make your home feel like a nicer place to live. Even very simple improvements such as painting or replacing carpets or tiles can give your house a fresher feel and make it more desirable later on should you wish to sell it in years to come. For those with a bigger budget, a greater return may be had by investing in a replacement kitchen or bathroom. However, even if your budget cannot extend to a completely new kitchen or bathroom you can still improve the look and feel of them by only changing the worktops or door or by adding new bathrooms fittings such as taps or a heated towel rail.

2. Structural Improvements

If in doubt structural improvements can make your home more appealing to buyers when the time comes. If you have old electrical wiring, a leaky roof or old windows, then correcting these structural issues represent the best possible methods of adding sustainable value to your home and attracting prospective buyers. A new roof or windows will also make your property look more attractive from the outside adding curb appeal. Further, whilst you are still living in the property it will reduce your living costs by making it more heat efficient and this will add to the return on your investment.

3. An Extension

Although extensions are expensive they can add much needed space and value to your property. Further, extensions do not necessarily have to be large and impressive to make a difference to your living space and add value. Adding a small extension to the side of your property to house such as a laundry room or office for instance, could make a huge difference whilst not costing as much as a large extension. A nicely converted loft could also not only give you an additional bedroom but you could make the most of the space by building clever storage into the walls. A Nemo loan is secured on your home.

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