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Published on September 18th, 2013 | by Pete


Diversification is crucial to successful investing

Diversification is crucial to successful investing. The forex market is a potentially lucrative form of trading that huge numbers of investors have included in their diversified portfolio.


The concept of forex trading is not complicated. Instead of buying a stock and then selling it, incurring the cost of a stamp tax along the way, forex trading is an investment on the upward or downward movement of an asset. The currency market is a prime example of forex trading. 

The economic fortunes of all countries shift from time to time, causing a trending rise or fall in the value of the currency. That trend is the object of the forex transaction.

However, it is not the single trend of only one country that is involved in the forex trade; it is the trend of a country against that of a second country. The movement in the exchange rate between the two countries is the ultimate forex investment. The two countries are referred to as a currency pair. 

Investors choose their pair, project the currency exchange direction and open a transaction.  Simple as that.   

Active trading

The forex market involves very active trading, as currencies rise and fall moment to moment.  For most forex traders, this is a challenging and exciting field. The real possibility of a lucrative trade gives forex its unprecedented popularity at a time when safe havens are not to be found on the investment horizon.

Following the successful traders

Technological advancements have brought online traders into the real time transaction circle of successful traders. The key is to follow only the professionals who are most likely to produce a profit. 

Many leading online forex brokers provide the alternative of automatically copying a high-quality trader.  The profit of the lead trader yields the same profitable transaction to the new trader.  It is essential however, to study the trader being followed, so as to ensure to the greatest extent possible, that you are choosing to copy a successful professional.

Forex trading strategies

Follow the trend – Jump into a transaction when you find a strong trend after researching weekly or daily charts. The strength of a trend is dependent on concurring data from various economic indicators. 

Avoid a total investment at the initial stage of a trade.  You will want to test the waters a bit with a small investment.  In the event that the beginning investment produces a gain, then gradually add to it if the projected direction continues on a solid course.

Always establish an appropriate stop so as to minimize losses.  It is the protection of a stop that ensures a relatively secure trade.  Conservative investments are generally most beneficial in a volatile market. 

Carry trading – In a currency pair, buying the currency with high rates of interest against a low interest rate currency is referred to as carry trading.  The difference in interest rates, on the basis of the leveraged amount rather than the amount of your capital investment, is paid out every day. 

Keep in mind, however, that if there is a sudden and drastic shift in the exchange rate, what started as a winner may end up as a huge deficit.    

The winds of change in the economic condition of major-currency nations are fairly transparent.  For those who take the time and make the effort to listen to the financial data emanating from all sectors of a country’s monetary environment, and simultaneously review trend charts, there is a very real potential for sustained gain through forex investment.  

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