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Published on February 8th, 2011 | by Pete


From Wardrobe Malfunction to Wardrobe Function

It’s not that long until the phrase ‘spring clean’ becomes relevant, and we start to think about how much of the clutter we own that we actually use. One of the main offenders for the collection of unused items and old keepsakes can often be the wardrobe. I’ve had a fairly robust wardrobe clearout in recent times (motivated in no small part by my enthusiastic wife) and it was actually quite a refreshing experience, and I did feel that I was exorcising a number of clothes related demons!  Bearing in mind research suggests that actually, most people only wear 20% of their wardrobe, perhaps it is time for a clearout…

1. Empty and clean

Empty all of your clothes and shoes out of the wardrobe and any pesky drawers, and then you can see exactly what you have to work with. You may be surprised to come across a few old friends, startled by some former shirt choices, or laugh as you find old fancy dress garments. When you have all of your clothes in front of you, give your wardrobe a bit of a clean; you don’t want the clothes that survive the cut going back into an unclean wardrobe.

2. Decision time

Look at the clothes in front of you, and stop kidding yourself. Do those jeans from 1987 still fit you? Are you ever going to wear that hilariously loud Hawaiian shirt you bought for Dave’s stag do in 1995? If the answer to these kinds of questions is no, then these clothes do not belong in your wardrobe.  If you don’t like certain items anymore, if they have stretched out of all recognition, if they do not flatter you, or if you are going to have to lose the best part of a tonne to squeeze into them, then get rid of them. Also, think about quantity; do you need 7 ball gowns?

3. Categorise

Now you sorted the wheat from the chafe, time to get organised.  Try and arrange all of your clothes into separate piles/ heaps; dividing them into clothes you want to return to the wardrobe, those to sell, those to bin, and those to put into storage until the next season. I normally then put a reminder on my outlook express calendar  to repeat the exercise in 6 months time, as I will then be needing clothes for the reverse season.

4. Make some money!

What to do with the clothes you want to sell. These could of course be put on Ebay, or perhaps sold at a car boot sale. What you decide to do will probably depend on the state of the clothes you want to sell. If they have been hardly worn and were expensive in the first place, then Ebay can bring a tidy sum of cash. If they are just in the way, but not quite right for the bin, than you might be happy to take a quid for them at a car boot sale.

Get those clothes sorted, tidy up, get organised, and make a little bit extra cash. Smashing! Good luck!

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