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Published on March 9th, 2013 | by Pete


How 0800 numbers can make your small business grow, and people like me happier

If you have a business, or organisation, at some point, you probably need to talk to customers, and other people in general. Now I imagine that most of you have had at some point, had to telephone a company with a question, or a request for assistance. This can be particularly relevant if something has gone wrong with the service you are paying for, such as broadband, or electricity etc.

Now I don’t know about you, but when I have to make these calls, nine times out of ten it is because something has gone wrong .This makes me unhappy. Then, I can sometimes expect the added benefit of having to pay for the telephone call to the company in question in order for them to rectify their mistake – this can be really infuriating. I have to say I have had a number of startled customer service operators on the other end of the line when I have suggested that I will be invoicing them for both the time I have invested in helping them correcting their mistake, as well as the telephone costs linked to doing this.

The upshot of this is, that I now partially consider who gets my money based on the telephone number I am required to use when contacting them. This might sound a bit extreme, but I doubt I am alone in this. It is frustrating enough when things go wrong, but it can really feel like I am having a bucket full of salt rubbed into my wound when paying for the telephone call to rectify the mistakes that mean the ‘service’ I am paying for is no longer being offered to me.

So, a word of advice, if you are already running a small business, or planning to start one, I suggest a visit to somewhere like City Numbers would be of great benefit. Not only does it give the impression of a well run, customer focused company, but it makes people like me very happy….

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  1. Claire Cameron says:

    We’ve said it before and we definitely agree with you! Freephone numbers can be a huge benefit for companies of any size. Providing an 0800 freephone number gives the impression of a larger, customer focused business.

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