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Published on May 6th, 2013 | by Pete


How to fund the hobby you’ve always wanted to do

We’ve all got a secret wish to pursue some kind of hobby. Some are lucky in that their chosen hobby isn’t necessarily expensive. For others, though, some investment is usually required for pricier hobbies. This can be discouraging, as anyone would feel put off from using their funds to pay for something that’s pursued purely in the name of fun.

Whether it’s a model train system, going ballroom dancing or skydiving, your hobby is going to need a hefty cash injection to get you started, and if you really want to pursue it, there are ways of raising the necessary funds.

Start prioritising

If you’ve made a firm decision that you need more of your hobby in your life, you’re going to have to prioritise it above the rest of your pastimes. As a first step, sell whatever you can, even if it’s extra clothes you don’t require any longer. You can always look for outlets that do clothing recycling for cash.

It may help to outline a plan of how best to build your funds in order to reach your target. Perhaps you can make a list of all the things you’re going to sell, and when you’re going to sell them, so you’ll have a date to look forward to.

Explore cheaper options

When starting out in a hobby, it’s a good idea to not go all-in with your first purchase or investment. Instead of going for an expensive musical instrument, opt for an entry level product.

For all you know, the hobby you’re interested in pursuing might not be for you after all. This is why most parents urge their kids to buy an acoustic guitar instead of going for an electric one first. You never now how long you’ll keep it up for. If you do keep pursuing it and you find that it really makes you happy, you can save up a bit more and make further investments.

Make money from your hobby

Again, this will only apply to certain hobbies. If your hobby is a potential cash cow, you can use the money you make from it to fund the further development of the hobby itself. For instance, if you’re a budding photographer, you can start out by submitting your work to exhibitions or competitions, or photographing events like weddings or club nights. Once you’ve earned a bit of money and started building a portfolio, you can use the money to buy more lenses and camera accessories.

Having a hobby is not only a great way to have fun – it can lead to a multitude of possibilities as well as help you realise what you’d like to do with life. A bit of initial hard work and perseverance can result in you finding a passion that will follow you for life!

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