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Published on February 23rd, 2015 | by Pete


The 4 Cs: How to Maximise the Value of Your Car

Preparing your car to be put on the market is a vital part of the selling process and should never be taken lightly. Like anything up for sale, you need to make sure you emphasise all the best parts of your vehicle and provide a case that simply cannot be turned down. Here are a few simple tips that are often overlooked and yet are guaranteed to add value to your car.

Create the Right Car Ad

No matter where or how you are going to sell your car, it is important that you write the perfect advertisement. You need to include any information that your buyer may need including how long your road tax and MOT is valid for, whether you have a full or partial service history, and the number of owners. All of these things will add value to your car and so need to be included in your advert.

It is also recommended to add any extras in the description of your vehicle such as having a CD player, air conditioning, and electric windows. These extras make your car more desirable and allows your buyer to see everything that your car has to offer. The aim of your advert should be to make all information easy and accessible for any potential buyers and so the more you don’t mention, the less likely you are to receive offers. View this article written by eBay Motors for some top tips on how to take the best photos for your advert as this are a very important part of your advertisement.

Collect Your Paperwork

Something that can easily be forgotten and may need some time to plan is collecting together all the relevant paperwork. Most people looking to buy second hand cars want to see a full history of services if it is possible, so that they can view what work needed to be done on the car and when. The more recent services are the most important as it will give the buyer an idea of the condition of your vehicle.

In addition to this, MOT records are also important and will bump up the value of your car significantly. This also helps to give your buyer peace of mind in regards to the condition of the vehicle. If you have any receipts for work that has been done on your car or any parts you have bought, keep them and include them with the paperwork as this will be proof that certain parts will not need to be bought again in the near future. The more information you have to prove to your buyer that they won’t have to spend additional money fixing the car, the better.

Consider a New MOT

The longer your MOT is valid for, the more inclined your buyer will be to make an offer on your vehicle. If you only have less than three months until it expires, consider having a new one before you put your car up for sale. This will increase the value of your car greatly as your buyer can be certain they will not have to pay large amounts of money as soon as they have bought it. You are guaranteeing that everything is running well if you pass your MOT before advertising, and with this being the most important aspect of a new car, is vital to your selling strategy.

Clean Inside and Out

It is vital that you clean your car inside and out, and the best way to do this is by using a valeting service. Of course, you can clean the car yourself if you want to save money, however, you will get the most impressive results if you turn to professionals. This will also save you a lot of time and is guaranteed to make your car look the best it ever has. If you have any scratches or chips in your paintwork, it is also advisable to get this repainted before you put your vehicle on the market. If you focus on the look of your car, it is easy for your buyer to forget it is even second hand in the first place and a shiny car will always be more impressive.

If you are looking to get your car valued, visit for a 3-step free valuation process and follow these 4 Cs and watch the value of your vehicle rise.

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