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Published on September 13th, 2014 | by Pete


Three Simple Ways to Earn A Second Income

Although many people are suggesting that the UK economy is on the right tracks to a full recovery, the majority of hard working, ordinary people are still finding it difficult to make ends meet. This has resulted in people seeking a second income wherever they can get it, working over time and forgetting to enjoy their free time. If you need to find a way to earn a little bit of extra money, we’ve got you covered. Without further ado, here are three great ways to earn a second income while the going’s still tough.

1 – Invest in the Buy-to-Let Market

If your money is simply sat in a bank account, it’s not really doing anything for you, as bank interest rates are so low at the moment. Therefore, you should turn to other forms of investment to help turn what money you have into even more money. A great way to do this at the moment is to get in on the buy-to-let market, which is probably one of the most reliable forms of investment (though still inherently risky!) you can participate in. Of course, you’ll need a serious sum of money up front to be able to afford a second mortgage, but if you have that and you live in a popular area, you can quite easily create a solid second monthly income.

2 – Create an Online Store

If you consider yourself to be in the least bit tech-savvy, you could generate a second income by creating an online store where you could sell all manner of things and advertise your wares through social media platforms. Whether you’re interested in jewellery, fashion, comic books or sports gear, there’s an online market just waiting to buy from you. Even with a simple eBay store you can start generating a second income all through selling what you’re already passionate about.

3 – Become a Financial Investor from Your Home

Although you might think that financial investing is something done by people with lots and lots of spare money, it’s actually easier then ever before to get started on your journey as a financial investor. Using a trading platform (such as the one offered by Sucden Financial), you’ll be able to receive live market date to help you form the best decisions about a particular asset, and you can even take your trading on the go through the web-based mobile version of the platform.

Ultimately, although times are challenging, it’s not impossible to start generating a second income. So follow the above advice and get started.

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