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Published on March 31st, 2014 | by Pete


Three Your Mind – What can you come up with? (Sponsored)

Have you ever had one of those moments, where you think of a great idea. Karl Pilkington described thinking of transparent toaster, which would allow the user to see when their toast was ready. He was disappointed that he had an innovative idea, but one that he was too late to implement himself. I myself have had the odd ‘good’ idea, but have been foiled in producing a genuine version of ‘Bernard’s Watch’, or discovering how to grow a money tree.

Virgin Media Business is looking to identify three game changing digital innovations, that will positively impact on how we live our lives, and how we work. The idea can be something as small as a single line of computer programming code, or spanking new piece of hardware. You may have the idea already. Do not panic if you have tried to market the idea already, as one of the aims of the process is to find those ideas that have for some reason been ignored or dismissed, and give them an opportunity to present their ideas to the public. What else is in it for me, I hear you cry. Well, in addition to all that lovely publicity, the winning idea will also enjoy ‘a unique package’ of mentoring and support, as well as a chinwag with Sir Richard Branson himself!


Peter Kelly, managing director, Virgin Media Business, said: “Britain has a digital competitive advantage that we should all be proud of. That advantage has been born out of a desire to adopt new technologies and transformative ideas that can often start from something small and simple. At Virgin Media Business, we live and breathe this philosophy and have had some great ‘firsts’, such as Sync-E Gigabit Ethernet, free public wifi and small cells trials. Having taken new ideas and run with them ourselves, we’re very well placed to uncover the next new things. Digital could and should power Britain’s economy and change the way we live and work for the better. We’re committed to helping others make the most of that potential. Today I’m calling on innovators to grab this unique opportunity to make their idea a reality.”
If you are still reading this, perhaps you are yet to be struck with inspiration. What about a multi tasking machine, or a computer programme that summarises those boring long ‘read this immediately’ work emails into short bullet points? Actually, perhaps I should be getting these ideas down on paper…

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