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Published on October 25th, 2015 | by Pete


Could a tablet be the best medicine this Christmas?

So Christmas is months off right, wrong! It’s only weeks away and you know it, as a Christmas shopper falls you fall into two succinct categories.

The first is the last minute “it will be alright on the night” shopper who on Christmas Eve is frantically cutting Sellotape locked in the spare bedroom and wondering why there are no scissors while cutting tape with their teeth. If you are one of these shoppers you may as well look away now. However if you are an organised and considered shopper, please read on!

Family demands

In a family there will be a lot of toys and gadgets that are secretly desired by everyone. The father will want a 4K television and the mum might want a spa weekend. Your toddler will want the largest Nerf gun that can be physically manufactured in China while your daughter might want the new One Direction album to see if they can recover from the devastating loss of Zayne Malik.

Tablet of choice – Ipad

The one item which will satisfy every member of the family is a tablet. The most obvious choice is the Ipad but there are other other tablets which can suit smaller budgets and offer more customization. A Ipad can offer entertainment for children with CBBC apps and activity apps while it can also be a social media platform for your bubble gum chewing teenager who can use it for Instagram and video content.

Online games

As a parent you can use it for news, family calenders and also games. Parents can play a variety of games at Betway online and additionally to this there are iconic games such as Winter Walk, Tiny Striker and Run Sackboy! Run! The Sickbay character has moved to tablet gaming from traditional console hardware such as PSP and Playstation while Tiny Striker has a simpler gaming experience for gamers who don’t have the time or inclination to spend hours learning button combinations.

Non Ipad tablets

Although most people link Ipads to tablets there are a wide variety of them out there. They can be bought at a lower price and as young children in the family bring rough and tumble owners can be more willing to use them out in the open as Ipad’s can be costly to repair and upkeep.

Tablets are always a popular choice with families as they are so versatile and can be passed around the living room. The biggest problem you may have this Christmas are arguments over who can use it and when! Before you know it Slade will be blaring out in the shops, get a move on and get a tablet!

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