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Published on September 4th, 2014 | by Pete


Credit – A Safe Online Payment Option! Really?

We live in a generation of plastic money. But boy! Is that safe? In that, our generation has largely come to depend on credit than debit. The doubt looms more than ever. Does it mean that it’s all secured? We give that, say a six on ten when used physically (assuming most plastics these days come with a chip + PIN, thus enhancing the security level). But, is that safe in the virtual world? After all, it is your hard-earned, sweat-driven penny and you should want to be absolutely sure about its safety. We have some quick tips to save that precious wealth of yours from that hoaxer paw.

Choose a bank which has consumer good faith in it, before you glance through its offerings. Check reviews online. Talk to customers. So if something goes wrong, you have your bank to turn up to, plus since there is lot of good talk, it only means that the bank has its systems in place and can cater to your complaints more effectively.

Make sure that you choose credit wisely. The banks may want to shower you with abundance, but the end say should be yours. Having a high credit limit means getting exposed to higher risks. Meager credit may make you look broke but will ensure you do not actually impoverish yourself in a long run.

Don’t go about voicing out your card credentials to everyone who looks like a friend. Some sensitive details are best kept personal. The one who looks like having your best interests on mind may prove a disaster while you were never looking. And please, sharpen your memory cells to remember stuff. Don’t write it down on a piece of paper and make it visible to all eyes.

Do a thorough research of the website you are using your card on. Have there been any instances of any scams related to them? Do they have encrypted passages for your payment to go through? Discount coupon websites offer a lot of benefits for an online user but start with safer and trusted options where the stores featured are credible enough for e.g. try VoucherBin vouchers so that you get a hang of the online shopping world.

We are hopeful that you never encounter a fraud situation but if you do, please have it highlighted through consumer forum discussions for others to benefit from your experience.

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