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Published on August 18th, 2013 | by Pete


Diluting debt responsibility?

So it has come to my attention that some people in London have not paid their water bills. This might be because they can’t afford it, which is clearly not a nice position to be in, although some of these people are likely to be trying to avoid paying what they owe, Artful Dodger style. Apparently the number of water bill objectors is as high as a whopping 250,000. Thames Water, who service London have reported that unpaid water and sewerage bills increased some 90%, to £93 million in 2011.

Simon Evans, a spokesman for Thames Water said: “We work very hard to work out who the genuine can’t-pays are – as we want to offer people help who genuinely can’t afford to pay. We try to decipher who they are from the won’t pays. There are quite a few people who just think ‘They can’t cut me off so I won’t bother paying’.”

The upshot of this bill dodging is that those customers who do decide to pay will have to pay more (approximately £80 more a year) in order to cover the shortfall. I’m not sure this is the best approach, as indifferent and apathetic customers don’t seem to be the ones losing out. I’m not sure that if I was in a restaurant and someone at a different table walked out without paying, that I would be happy if my bill was magically doubled, regardless of how good the steak was!

This just stinks in my opinion. I know some people struggle to pay bills (as I have in the past) but the idea that some people are just choosing not to pay, and making the rest of us pay more to cover their irresponsible approach is just outrageous. What do you think…?

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