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Published on April 3rd, 2015 | by Pete


Interview: A Disease Called Debt

So, we spoke to some more of our fantastic personal finance blogging chums. This month, we spoke to Hayley, from a Disease Called Debt. This blog has a particularity big place in our heart, as it contains a rather similar story to my own, just normal people attempting to get out of debt and get on the right road when it comes to money. The good news is that she has achieved her goal of living debt free, so we can all feel suitably inspired! Here is what Hayley had to say for herself:

1. What made you start blogging about personal finance?

I fell into blogging by accident really. My blog, Disease Called Debt, documents my personal journey to pay back thousands in debt and provides information for others looking to do the same. The reason I started it was out of frustration because I felt like I couldn’t ‘voice’ my thoughts on debt anywhere. Debt is a sensitive subject and although being in debt is a common issue faced by many people, actually talking about personal debt problems isn’t done all that often. My blog was kind of like a diary at first and then as I started to succeed in paying off debt, my blog turned into something I’m really passionate about!

2. What is your favourite money saving tip?

I have two! My best money saving tip would be to get organised with every aspect of your finances. If you can create a realistic budget and check your bank account daily, you’ll be able to predict what your bank balance will look like at the end of the month. There should be no nasty surprises and you’ll know where you’re overspending and where you can save money easily. Another tip is to be organised for food shopping trips by planning meals ahead, writing a list and making sure you stick to the list!

3. What is your proudest achievement since you’ve started blogging?

Getting emails from readers saying that my blog has actually helped them in facing up to their own debt problems has definitely been my proudest achievement so far. To think that something I wrote made someone sit up and take action with their own debt is just such an amazing feeling.

4. What’s the most important debt reduction technique you’ve learned on your journey?

My husband and I adopted the ‘debt snowball’ approach to paying off debt. It works by paying off the smallest debt first and once that debt is gone, the money that is being saved by not paying that debt can go towards the next debt until that one is paid off – and so on. We found this approach really motivating because actually seeing results (even small results) was enough to help us keep going.

5. What advice would you give to others who want to start blogging about personal finance?

There are lots of personal finance blogs out there already, so for someone new starting out, I would recommend checking out the competition to see what other bloggers are focusing on. Figure out what will make your own personal finance blog different and try to make whatever that is a unique and special part of your blog so that readers (and other bloggers) will remember you and keep on coming back. Be prepared to wait for results and while you’re waiting, network with other bloggers as much as you can. The personal finance community is really supportive and getting your own list of blogger contacts together from the start will help you further down the line when you want to work on a blogging project with someone or if you need help and advice.

So there we have it, some very wise words from an excellent blogger, and I strongly recommend that you give her site a try; I’m confident you won’t be disappointed.

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