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Published on March 30th, 2011 | by Pete


John Lewis Launch Neverending Refunds

I was stunned when I read what those excellent people in charge of John Lewis have decided to do. They have decided that they will now implement a scheme whereby refunds can be given for items, regardless of when they were originally purchased. The old rules were fairly standard and plain; 28 days was the window of opportunity to return unwanted items.

There seems to be two basic criteria for the store accepting back items, and reuniting you with your money, and these are that the item you are returning is in good condition, and that you have a receipt for it. I think this is fair enough; I’m not sure it would quite be reasonable if you were able to return a 7 year old manky pair of tights without a receipt in order to reclaim some cash.

Bearing in mind the only legal requirement for shops to issue refunds is in cases where sold items are faulty; this pledge goes well beyond the minimum legal requirements. Even better, this policy is retrospective. So, if you want to get some money back, and have John Lewis items that are in good condition and you have proof of payment for, than head for the shopping centre….

Let me know how you get on….

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