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Published on May 18th, 2013 | by Pete


The Lean Times Interview

It’s that time again when we bring you an interview from another prominent UK personal finance blogger. This time, we’ve been talking to the lovely Viviana, and she has generously donated some of her time to help satisfy our curiosity:

What prompted you to begin blogging about personal finance and being thrifty?

I used to work in fashion, so in order to “look the part” I seek out ways to get stuff cheaper. I ended up boring people senseless about how they could save money. Finally it got to the point when someone said why don’t I write it all down so I did.

What is your absolute, top tip for managing, or saving money?

I actually have two rules I live by:

1. Do your research – Find the item you want then hit the internet to find it cheaper. I always look at eBay before making a purchase and if I can’t find the item on eBay, I visit Money Saving Expert’s Cashback Checker to see if I can at least get some kind of discount.

2. Cook at home – food is one of the only true variables in our life in the UK so shop wisely, shop local in markets and butchers and cook. You will feel better and spend a lot less.

You seem to do a lot of planning, especially for meals. What tips would you give to other potential meal planners?

It is important to always shop with a list and know what is in your cupboards and freezer. I visit my local market on a Saturday then plan the following week’s meals from what I find. I try to eat seasonally which means usually buying what is cheapest.

What’s been the proudest moment in your blogging career so far?

Being commissioned to write “How to get everything cheaper” for the Glamour July 2012 issue. Also writing The Stylish Frugalista.

You’ve achieved a lot of success with your blog. What advice would you give to other aspiring bloggers?

Please try to be consistent, even if it means you only write once a week.

Viviana’s tagline is ‘lush living with thrift’, and it is clear that she embodies this goal herself. An excellent site with lots of helpful information and ideas, find her here at The Lean Times.

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