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Published on April 16th, 2013 | by Pete


The Simple Dollar Interview

There are many personal finance blogs in the UK, so imagine how many there are in the United States! One of the biggest US personal finance blogs, is called The Simple Dollar, and is run by an extremely nice chap by the name of Trent. We were bowled over when Trent agreed to an interview with us here at MoneySuperstar, and here are the results:

1.What was the trigger for you to begin The Simple Dollar?

In late April 2006, I found that I couldn’t pay my bills.  I simply didn’t have any money in my checking account and there were a bunch of bills due before my next payday.

I spent that night doing some serious soul-searching.  The next day, I woke up and began making big changes to my life.

I looked into the abyss… and I turned back.

2. What is your favourite frugal tip?

Sell your television.  It eats electricity.  You can get information you need from the ‘net.  The programming is loaded with advertisements.  You often have to pay significant monthly fees for this ad-laden content.  It eats up hours that could have been used elsewhere.

3. Clearly you have achieved huge success with your blog. What advice would you give to other would be bloggers?

More than anything else, write consistently.  Write every day and on a schedule.  Also, be very very patient.  I blogged for YEARS before The Simple Dollar found success.

4. What is your favourite thing about the UK?

The people.  When I’ve been there, I’ve been utterly surprised at the friendliness, the self-reliance, and the wit of almost everyone I met.

5. How important was The Simple Dollar in helping you to achieve financial freedom?

It helped me get my thoughts in order and figure out a plan for attacking and solving my financial situation.  In order to write articles, I had to break down the ideas into small pieces and really apply them to my life.  That made an enormous difference.

There we have it, insight from something of a personal finance blogging legend. We here at MoneySuperstar are big fans of Trent’s work, and I am sure that if you are not already, then you soon will be! Although he talks a lot of ‘cents’ (sorry) the majority of the tips and advice can still apply this side of the pond, as the majority of it is about a more frugal approach to life generally.

Thanks again to Trent for indulging us and taking the time to answer our questions. If you want to hear more from Trent, and haven’t already found him, he is here – The Simple Dollar.

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