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Published on April 11th, 2013 | by Pete


Time to stamp our feet?

I know people don’t tend to write letters anymore, and that the days of getting quills out and dipping into inkpots have generally been replaced by emails and text messages, written in some kind of bizarre Martian / pigeon English. However, I was still sad to see that this golden activity of yesteryear is going to get more difficult nowadays, as it does not look like this can avoid falling victim to overpricing any more than other activities / pastimes have.

It is reported that the Royal mail is likely to be sold off, and that this means that they will be vulnerable to losing their useful VAT free status. Te upshot of this is that before we know it, first class stamps will cost one shiny English pound. Conservative MP, Brian Binley, who oversees the work of Royal Mail (and is clearly rather fond of it) said: “Before the Government rushes into selling off Royal Mail, it is essential to ensure that the services currently enjoyed by the public, can be guaranteed. This should include a very careful look at how future price rises will adversely affect businesses.”

Other people seem less threatened by the proposed changes though. A Business, Innovations and Skills spokesman added: “Royal Mail will continue to be the designated universal service provider regardless of its ownership. An ownership change would not, therefore, trigger a change in the current VAT exemption which applies to first and second class stamps as part of the one price, anywhere service.”

How much of a problem is this? Is it time for change in the way we deal with post? Does this suggest the end of another age old British institution? Am I the only person who feels sad that some people may be priced out of a good old fashioned letter writing session? What about postcards? So many questions! What do you think?

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