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Published on June 7th, 2014 | by Pete


What are the pros and cons of credit catalogues?

If you are looking to open a new credit account with a catalogue company, you will need to consider both the positives and negatives in doing so. Remember – ordering from a catalogue can give you more choice than you would find on the high street, and you will be able to have your order delivered directly to your door. However, depending on the catalogue company, you could be charged interest on your purchase, which could cost you more money in the long run. Here are some of the benefits and negatives of credit catalogues.


You will need to find the best catalogue company in your particular circumstances when opening a new credit account, especially as some retailers will apply interest to your account which can accrue over time. Check out the best rates of interest when opening a credit account, and look into which catalogues offer an interest-free period, where you will not be charged any interest if you pay the outstanding balance on your account by a certain time, for example within three or six months time.

It can also be difficult to obtain a credit account with a catalogue company if you have a poor credit history, although many retailers will be able to provide you with finance as long as you are able to make repayments. When applying for a new account, you may be asked to provide some identification – for example a bank statement or utility bill to confirm your address details. In the majority of cases, you will receive an instant decision about whether your application has been successful or not, and once accepted you will receive details about your new credit account in the post.


There are a number of positives to ordering from a catalogue company, and you will be able to order a wide range of products from one retailer, saving you a lot of time and hassle. You will also be able to have products delivered directly to your door, which can beneficial if you live far away from your local town centre, or are unable to travel. However, many catalogue companies like BrightHouse and Next do allow you to apply for a new credit account at your local store, and you can even make repayments by visiting your nearest branch. There are also a wide range of other ways to make repayments on your account, for example via phone or by logging into your account on the catalogue company’s website. You will receive a monthly statement that will outline your outstanding credit balance, any purchases you have made in the billing period, and the minimum payment you will need to make that month – making it easy to control your finances and budget effectively.

For more information on the pro’s and con’s of buying on finance from a UK catalogue, you may want to visit Catalogues247. They offer dozens of reviews of the most popular catalogues as well as useful tips on what to expect.

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