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Published on August 7th, 2014 | by Pete


August 2014 Update

July flew by, far too quickly for my liking. I was off work for two weeks, and I’m pleased to report that Daddy Day Care generally went very well. There was a fair amount of sick, crying, and tantrums, and my daughter was a handful too! Money wise, things went generally well. We seemed to overspend a little bit on groceries, although it wasn’t to the extent that it was a big problem. We managed to put a bit more aside for childcare this month, so hopefully that will take some of the sting of that away, but we won’t really know until our daughter starts at Nursery.

Let’s get down to the figures. At the end of July, my debt stood at £17,263.24. After my August payments, my total debt will be £17,018.81. That means that I have reduced my debt by a further £244.43. So close! I was hoping that I would be under 17,000 this month, and I nearly made it! Still, there is always next month.

August involves a wedding, and a trip away to stay with friends. We have saved for the past year for this trip, so hopefully it should not have too much of an impact on our finances. Apart from this, it is a fairly standard month, so not much to report. Actually, I’ve just remembered that I have my MOT this month, so keep your fingers crossed for me! How are you going to save money this month?

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