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Published on January 3rd, 2011 | by Pete


Hello from me

Hi! My name is Peter Stevens, but you can call me Pete. Actually, you can call me whatever you want, as I’ll probably never find out. Who am I you may ask, and why am I taking up your time with all my pesky words. Well, I’ll tell you…

I am a man, and I am 29. In 3 months, I will be 30. This makes me sad. What makes me sadder (apart from the ever diminishing hair and sneakily increasing gut situation) is my debt. Despite what the blog title suggests, I am not writing this blog because I am currently a money superstar; if anything, I’ve been a money Muppet. However, I aspire to be a money superstar, and I thought I would share my journey with you fine people.

So, if you are all sitting comfortably, then we’ll begin…

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