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Published on January 2nd, 2014 | by Pete


January 2014 Update

Happy New Year!! Who can believe that 2014 is upon us already! Like a thief in the night, it has sneaked up on us, and announced its arrival. Also, MoneySuperstar is three years old today! Happy birthday us! So what will be different in 2014? I’m sure like me, you have a few things that you want to be doing differently this year. Some will be forced, some will be optional. I want to write more posts for MoneySuperstar, there have probably been too many guest posts recently, and so I’d like to be keeping you updated with my own views more (lucky you)! I also, obviously, intend to carry on reducing my debts.

Let’s get down to the figures. At the end of December, my debt stood at £19,575.18. After my January payments, my total debt will be £19,308.72. That means that I have reduced my debt by a further £266.46. Another couple of months, and I will break the £19,000 barrier, one that has eluded me for several years. Exciting progress, and I’m really happy with how things are going.

I reduced my debts by £4,788.23 in 2013, and I hope that I can make a bigger dent in 2014. I hope to achieve lots of other things this year, and being sat here at the start of January, full of chocolate and Christmas excess, this feels quite daunting, as well as exciting. How about you – what is your debt reduction goal in 2014, or any other things you want to achieve?

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