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Published on July 5th, 2011 | by Pete


July 2011 Update

June is now a distant memory – and it is pleasing to look out of the window and observe some reasonably summer-like weather. Oh no hang on – it’s raining. On that bombshell let’s get down to the figures. I should say now that this month’s debt reduction will be less impressive – I’ve had some cash problems insomuch as my clutch decided to give up the ghost and I had to go cap in hand to the Bank of Dad and borrow £335, ouch! Anyway, here we go…

After June payments, my total debt stood at £24,394.59. Now, after July’s repayments, the total is £24,362.55. That means I’ve paid off a spanking £32.04!! Woohooo! Still, I was expecting my debt to go up after the car incident, so I’m happy with that! Every little helps as a large profit making organisation that sells all manner of goods would say! How the devil are you all getting on….?

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