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Published on March 1st, 2014 | by Pete


March 2014 Update

February was a lovely short month, which is always nice when it comes to getting paid! It was a reasonably inexpensive month as well, which is always an extra bonus. The weight loss has slowed down a bit, but hopefully that can get back on track this month, and it wasn’t helped by our stay in a hotel to have an early anniversary celebration (we would normally do this in April, as that is the month we got married, but the baby will be arriving around that time). Then we shall have to see how the debt destruction mission is affected!

Let’s get down to the figures. At the end of February, my debt stood at £19,083.25. After my March payments, my total debt will be £18,703.84. That means that I have reduced my debt by a further £379.41.

This month has been helped greatly by our new way of prioritising debt repayment over mortgage repayment. The idea is that this will help us get to a position to start saving for a deposit for a house much sooner. March is going to be an expensive and strange month. Firstly, we are going to become parents this month, and that is going to mean some readjustments in terms of our finances. Also, in  March, it is both mine and my wife’s birthdays, as well as a number of other family celebrations. Fingers crossed things go smoothly…

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