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Published on May 1st, 2015 | by Pete


May 2015 Update

April was a surprisingly busy month, I’m pleased there is a bank holiday this weekend to help recharge the old batteries. Financially, it was generally okay, although because I was ill, I locked myself out of the house account online. When I’m ill, my memory tends to abandon ship like a self-serving rat, meaning that I cannot remember information I use every day, like pin codes and phone numbers. It’s wonderfully frustrating! Anyway, this lack of access means that I’ve been unable to monitor the account as closely as I normally do, and this has been very stressful. The ludicrously draconian system employed by Santander means that they will only provide you with a new code via the post (for ‘security reasons’) and this can take between 6 and 14 days depending on which member of staff you are talking to. Anyway, the upshot is that we are so fed up with their nonsense we may switch to a different bank, so excellent work there Santander.

Anyway, enough of my moaning. Let’s get down to the figures. At the end of April, my debt stood at £14,761.88. After my May payments, my total debt will be £14,418.46. That means I’ve paid off a total of £343.42. I am impressed with myself!

May is a relatively quiet month. There is one birthday that requires attention, but apart from that, hopefully I should be able to make a cheeky extra payment at the end of the month too. I hope you are all having successes too!

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