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Published on October 1st, 2015 | by Pete


October 2015 Update

September is done and dusted. I don’t know what went wrong last month, but I really had to drag myself to payday, I was broke! Anyway, I made it, and that’s what matters. I spent some time in Cardiff, so I guess that would have eaten into my funds. Apart from that, I had a relatively quiet month. I do recall spending a bit too much on the old takeaways though, better get back in the kitchen and start cooking up a storm, and saving more money.

Let’s get down to the figures. At the end of September, my debt stood at £13,210.17. After my October payments, my total debt will be £12,085. That’s a whopping £1,125.17 off the debt, and this is excellent progress. I’m now on track to be under £12,000 by November.

You’re probably wondering how I did it? Well, I can’t claim to have found an oil field, or stumbled across a diamond. It’s just that time of year where I get my annual student loan update. Still, it all counts, and I’ll take it! October is busy as always. I think there is a family meal out to celebrate a birthday, but apart from that, spending should be at a minimum. I’m determined to get back on track – I feel I’ve been a bit careless recently, which goes to show how easily complacency can set in. Well, no more! I’m back on the wagon now, and concentrating again on getting these debts destroyed!

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