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Published on October 1st, 2011 | by Pete


October 2011 Update

Is that time again, my monthly money check up. I sit here writing this at home, on the 1st of October. It is Saturday morning, and is red hot outside, the sunshine actually interfering with my attempts to write this. I’m multi tasking (impressive, I know) and am also watching England vs Scotland at the Rugby Wold Cup. In Auckland the weather looks appalling – it’s all very strange. Anyway, let’s see how the figures are looking.

After September payments, my total debt stood at £23,077.84. Now, after October repayments, the total is £23,665.28. That means my debt has increased by £587.44! That doesn’t really sound right does it? I have an explanation. If you have been following my PPI diary you will know that to take ‘advantage’ of this ‘service’ I needed to part with a retainer; this is what explains the increase in my debt. They tell me that in effect I will get it back from the lenders – I’m not so sure! Anyway, there you are.

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