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Published on September 27th, 2011 | by Pete


PPI Diary – Day 5 – Grumpy Phone Calls

By now I was beginning to feel a bit fed up with all of this. I seemed to be doing all the donkey work, for someone else to get 30% – that was not maths that I could get on board with. This feeling of frustration had been exacerbated by the fact that I was having little success with sourcing agreement numbers from Experian (who I had tried to get this information from after giving up on Equifax). Experian seemed to have a very limited credit report on me, and after speaking to them and being told that really this wasn’t the best use of their facilities, I was getting very cross. As the discussion was getting me nowhere, I ended the call.

I was really irked, and decided that I needed to share this irritation with my claims management company, as well as point out that I was getting fed up with earning their 30% for them. I got through to them, after being on hold for a while and being constantly reassured that I was their most important customer on Earth. The lady on the other end of the phone, was useless, and proceeded to re-explain everything again like she was trying to talk in English in another country (i.e. More loudly and more slowly). She told me that as long as I could get my hands on agreement numbers, the rest was pretty irrelevant anyway (this did not fill me with confidence). I realised I was becoming snippy, and that the ‘discussion’ had left Useful Town a long time ago, and was cruising towards Pointlessness Central. If I wanted any of this money, I was just going to have to stop whining, and do the hard yards

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