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Published on September 18th, 2011 | by Pete


PPI Diary – Day 3 – Frustration Central

So I’d taken the plunge and decided to try and get back some compensation through the PPI route. My packs had arrived and I had been informed in my recent conversations that one of the best ways of tracking down old agreement numbers was by locating and viewing my credit report. I had also been informed that one such company who were very good at this was Equifax. I tracked them down on the internet and was pleased to see that I could access my report immediately for a bargain £2!

I started to happily bang in all my details, which mostly involved previous addresses and the normal bits and bobs. Then the bad news! I was unable to access my details and needed to contact tem to verify something or other. Of course the office was closed, and therefore I would have to wait until the next day to try and get my access resolved. I did speak to someone from Equifax the next day but she was unable to help me without first asking approximately 3.2 billion security questions, and then telling me I would need to send in copies of documents to help prove that I was who I said I was etc. This is when I decided that my short partnership with Equifax was finished.

I was also aware of another credit report company – Experian (I’m not sure what it is with all these companies beginning with ‘E’). Anyway, I again banged in all of my details and was this time allowed access to my credit report. Success! My joy was short lived however, when I observed that the majority of my credit cards and loans were missing – the whole point of me signing up was to access the agreement numbers. I would need to make another phone call – as you can imagine, I was running out of patience now as it seemed that obstacles were being thrown into my path from all angles….

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