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Published on September 20th, 2011 | by Pete


PPI Diary – Day 4 – Priority Treatment?

I was at work when the phone rang. This isn’t unusual, as it does ring from time to time, normally resulting in me ending up with more work. So it was with a degree of caution that I answered. I was surprised that it was my PPI company. I was even more surprised that they had decided I might be a priority case because of the high amount of debt on my Barclaycard, and because they had won a lot of cases against them already. They asked me a few questions about how recently I had taken out the card, and how many different claims I was going to make (apparently you can make a claim for every single agreement number you have). After answering all the questions, I was then told that I actually was not a priority case! I thanked them nice man for basically what was a pointless call, and put the phone down feeling rather less special then I did when I picked it up! One thing was for certain, I was beginning to realise that they were keen for me to put in as many claims as possible – I have to say I’m beginning to feel a little uneasy about all of this…

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