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Published on September 28th, 2011 | by Pete


PPI Diary – Day 6 – Day of Action

So a quick review. Where am I? I’ve made some grumpy phone calls, I’ve become frustrated and annoyed, and I’ve not really moved any closer to getting some money in my hand. I decided that a bit less whinging was needed, and that I would benefit from some actual action. So, one Sunday morning I decided that I was going to actually get some agreement numbers and other details down on paper. I started with my Barclaycard as that account is open and so it was dead easy to get the agreement number, as it was on the actual card. The rest of the questionnaire was a bit tricky as I have a terrible memory and couldn’t really remember many details about what I felt had been explicitly clear on the website about PPI, and what had not been made that clear.

I was on a roll after this. So after another cuppa I completed another two forms, one for a Nationwide Loan that I had consolidated, and also a Virgin credit card that I had for 18 months before again consolidating it onto another debt. I found the whole process a bit scary in some ways – I had a lot more separate credit cards and loans than I realised. I also discovered that I have in fact had two separate loans from Nationwide, so that means another claiming opportunity – making a total of 8! I was feeling pleased with my progress, and popped the three completed forms in to the envelope, along with requested cheques for them to collect information from the various lenders that they needed. So, feeling as smug as Simon Cowell watching his latest multi million pound pop creation croon away on stage, I sat back and exhaled deeply. Now surely its just about waiting for the money to roll in…..

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