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Published on October 5th, 2011 | by Pete


PPI Diary- Day 7- I’m Important Again!

So I had finally sent off some of the information packs to my claims management company. The very next day, only 24 hours later I received a phone call from the company. It seems my claims had created something of a buzz, and they were very excited about all of the money I was going to get back. In fact, they were so excited that they were going to give me a very rare opportunity to be give priority treatment, apparently something that is only offered to about 5% of claimants.

I’m listening…go on. The man on the end of the phone said that if I agave them the go ahead that the solicitors would push even harder to find loopholes to get me extra money, and the process should be wrapped up in a shorter space of time. Also on offer, was the opportunity to have their 30% portion paid for by the lenders, rather than me! Amazing!

Then the least surprising bombshell of this whole experience. To make this happen, all I had to do was part with some more money. He began telling me how much, but I asked him not to. I told him the call had left me disappointed – I had assumed they would be working as hard for me as possible anyway, the more money they claim, the more they get for themselves; surely? I’m fed up with them to be honest! I managed to calm down eventually, and told him that I wasn’t willing to part with any more money until I saw some coming in. He said he ‘could see where I was coming from’ although it didn’t really seem like it when he continued to try and convince me.

They won’t be getting any more money out of me, and I shall be going alone from now on – Pete’s looking after number 1, no longer lining the pockets of lazy corporations!!!

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