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Published on October 9th, 2011 | by Pete


PPI Diary – Day 8 – Pete Goes it Alone

After my decision to go it alone, I was feeling a bit less aggrieved about having to find out agreement numbers and other relevant information. I decided that my next claim would be for a loan I had from a company now called Cahoot, which I had closed by consolidating it into another loan I took out later on. I wasn’t sure when I had taken this loan out, or for how much the loan was, and did not have any more records about it.

It was time for another mission. I found the contact number for Cahoot, and telephoned them. This, much like other phone calls I have made during this process, was frustrating. The intellectually challenged man on the other end of the phone continually asked me to provide information that I didn’t have. ‘Can you give me the agreement number?’ he would ask futilely. ‘No, that’s what I’m calling to get from you’ I would reply, becoming increasingly irritated. ‘Okay, what about the date you took the loan out?’ ‘Again, I’m calling to get this information from you’. ‘Oh I see, just remind me of the agreement number and I’ll get you the information you need’. At this point, I believe I was turning purple. I informed the man that I felt our conversation was not bearing much fruit, and he agreed – I believe our only point of agreement throughout the whole conversation. He suggested that I go into a branch of Santander and ask them for the details, as they could verify who I was. They had also taken over Cahoot, and are therefore responsible for all of their missold PPI.

At the weekend I went into as branch of Santander, and spoke to a young chap with brilliant hair, who was able to verify that I was who I said I was. He asked me what the agreement number was; I assumed this was a sick joke. I quickly rallied, and re-explained my situation for the tenth time, and to his credit, he got on the phone and got me all the information I required. I thanked him for his help, smiled inwardly one more time about his hair, and then left. I found a letter template on the internet which requests a copy of all the terms and conditions, enclosed a cheque for a quid, and posted it to Santander. When I get the information back, I can write back complaining about the PPI, and lodge my compensation request.

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