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Published on September 2nd, 2013 | by Pete


September 2013 Update

How was August for you? We’ve been visiting friends and generally enjoying the summer. Other than that, it’s been a fairly quiet month here at MoneySuperstar Towers. Good news is that my car made it through the MOT relatively unscathed, I had to buy a new light bulb, and had some oil put in my car, but apart from that, all is well. I was pleased because in my experience MOTs can be completely unpredictable.

Anyway, down to those all important numbers. At the end of August, my debt stood at £22,664.01. After my September payments, my debt will be £21,755.66. That means that I have reduced my debt by £908.35. You’re probably wondering how I managed to knock the best part of a grand off my debt. Well, it’s that time of year where I got my annual student loan statement, so actually I was just bringing my records up to date, as opposed to stumbling across a treasure chest or goldmine in the garden!

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2 Responses to September 2013 Update

  1. Hi Pete,

    First time here at moneysuperstar, but really like the look of the site.

    How much was the student loans repayment compared to the other debts?
    Are you overpaying on your student loans or just paying the minimum?

    • Pete says:

      Hi there, glad you like the site! My student loan repayment is normally about £100 but it comes straight out of my salary before it lands in my bank account. I’m just paying the minimum at the moment as I’m attempting to reduce more expensive debt first. Who would have thought that trying to better yourself would be such an expensive process!

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