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Published on August 31st, 2011 | by Pete


September 2011 Update

For those of you who are regular readers, I’m sure you’ll be delighted and relieved to know that my best man’s speech went down a storm, and the groom is still talking to me – which is a bonus! Autumn is here, and after what is apparently the coolest summer for 16 years, it’s time to see how hot my finances are at the moment. So how have I done this month?

After August payments, my total debt stood at £24,450.13. Now, after September repayments, the total is £23,077.84. That means my debt has reduced by £1372.29!! I expect some of you are picking your jaws up off the table/floor/mouse mat. Let me explain, I have not been left a massive inheritance, won the lottery, or built a sterling printing press. During the last month I have received my annual student loan statement, which tells me how much I have paid off that debt over the last year. I only get this information once a year, so I can only update my records once a year. Anyway, enough about me. So, how are you……?

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  1. Ryann says:

    I am actually filing bankruptcy AND saving for baby. I know people think bankruptcy is SOOO bad but it’s not as terrible as people think and in my situation it’s the best thing. After my divorce I was left with ALL the debt that we accrued since EVERYTHING (credit cards, loans etc. were all in my name) Then not long after I was put in the hopital for kidney failure and had no insurance (that’s a nice little bill let me tell you what!! ) Bankruptcy is not cheap but it works for me AND allows me to save for me new baby! GOOD LUCK HUN! References :

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