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Published on December 9th, 2014 | by Pete


2015: A New Year A New Financial You – Re-assess your monthly outgoings and save nearly £5K pa

-Financial Freedom Expert, John Lee from the Wealth Dragons, offers Top Money Tips for 2015-

As Christmas looms and you prepare to stuff the turkey, make sure you don’t enter 2015 financially stuffed yourself! With all the additional expenses that this time of year brings, you may be temped to flex the credit card, but come the new year, you’ll be faced with even greater worries as the bills come pouring in, and the excess of mulled wine and champagne you’ve consumed won’t be all that’s causing you a headache. So what’s the solution?

Entrepreneur and financial freedom expert John Lee, from the Wealth Dragons, offers the following basic yet important advice when considering money-saving tips for the New Year. According to John: “Some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs and billionaires the world over regularly re-evaluate their spending, both on a corporate and a personal level. They set a precedent. The hard part is being disciplined and creating good financial habits, 365 days a year. So start today and watch how small changes can make a huge difference.”

John Lee’s top financial tips include:-


Stop buying your daily over-priced coffee. £2.50 x 30 days a month = £75.00. Invest in a travel mug and make your own at home.

Make your own lunch while you’re at it. Spending £5.00 on a takeaway sandwich, a drink and piece of fruit or snack = £150 per month. You can probably half that by making your own sandwiches.

Switch credit cards to companies offering zero per cent. Look online for offers and then ask your existing lender if they will give you a comparable offer for the New Year. On a 19% APR card (example only) you will save £15.83 per month in interest on a £1000 loan (less any transfer fees). If you have particularly heavy debts, consider speaking to a loan consolidation company or debt charity and asking them for advice.


Coupons and vouchers can save you money. Sign up to daily voucher companies and look into 2-for-1 deals, from dining out to beauty treatments and holidays. These are great as Xmas presents, too.

Habits. Give up bad habits such as smoking. Puffing away at 40 cigarettes a week can set you back (approx.) £70 per month, for example. There has never been so much help available to people who want to quit. Speak to your GP about what is available in your area. If you don’t smoke, still have a good look at your lifestyle; there are probably some habits you could give up and save money on.

Accounts. Make a spreadsheet and enter all your monthly outgoings. Look at where you can make cuts. Be strict with yourself in terms of non-essential monthly expenditure.

Teach yourself to cook. Spend less on eating out and make cooking a hobby that you involve your family and partner in, or just do for your own individual pleasure. Cooking your own food saves money and can also be much healthier. For a couple eating out three times a month, cutting out two monthly dinners could save you up to £100 (based on costs of £25 per person per meal)


Walk. All non-essential travel can be done on foot. It’s great exercise and more eco-conscious, particularly after Xmas when you have down time before going back to work.

Insurance and Utilities. Look online to see if you can consolidate utility bills or get cheaper insurance for your car, house or pets etc. Companies offer attractive incentives for customers willing to switch. Use your time wisely over your Xmas break. Instead of sitting in front of more TV on 27th December, make a few phone calls.

Fixed rate mortgage. Ask your broker or lender if you can switch to a fixed rate on your mortgage payments so that you can plan your budget more accurately.

Invest in yourself. Learn from others and embark on a voyage of self-discovery. If your external world is not how you want it, this is usually a reflection of what is going on internally
Bottom line, every day is an ideal time to re-assess your financial welfare. Don’t bury your head in the sand allowing money problems to escalate. Interest rates on credit cards don’t go away just because you don’t open the envelope and certainly don’t get sucked into the short-term appeal of Peer-to-Peer lending or PayDay loans. There are other more tangible solutions that you are able to achieve in the first instance.

Good luck and Happy New Year!

The duo behind Wealth Dragons, John Lee and Vincent Wong, are no strangers to hardship. Both John and Vince broke free from family and cultural expectations to create the lives they wanted. They got to where they are today through hard work combined with plenty of trial and error. These highly experienced property investors, international speakers and mentors, share their knowledge and experience with people of all ages and backgrounds, encouraging them and inspiring them to change their lives on every level. For more information, please visit, or visit them on Facebook.

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