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Published on April 27th, 2014 | by Pete


4 Quick Top Summer Electricity Money Saving Tips

So, summer is not far away now. The fiery ball in the sky makes a fairly regular appearance, and this can mean only one thing, it’s time for me to go out and achieve a super farmer’s tan, get burnt, or eat too many ice creams. As I’m me, I always like to think about upcoming events in money saving terms too though. So what ways can you save money over the summer season – one way is thinking about your energy use, especially  your electricity:

1. Open windows during the night, not day.

Opening your blinds, curtains and windows at night will allow cool air to flow into your house, naturally cooling it down. Just be sure to close everything when you wake up in the morning, otherwise the heat of the day will flood your house and create more problems for you. It seems a bit strange not opening the window when it is hot, but using the cooler evening air rather than letting more hot air steam in does work! This will hopefully reduce the need for you to use air conditioners or fans, all driven by electricity.

2. Wear Sensible Clothes

Seems like an obvious one this, but just as I mentioned in my winter moneysaving post, it’s not good being supervised you are too hot if you are wearing a full tuxedo. Have you, by the way, noticed how many older men where suits, regardless of how hot it is? Don’t get me wrong, they look very smart and dignified, but they must be boiling! Anyway, when you’re home from work, you don’t need to wear the same clothes you wore all day. Instead, throw on your favourite pair of shorts and a loose T-shirt. While wearing light clothing, you will not need to keep the temperature as cool in your house, cutting down on your electric bill.

3. Change Incandescent Bulbs to Fluorescent Bulbs

Making the switch from incandescent bulbs to fluorescent ones will cut down on your electricity bill immediately. The difference in energy usage is surprisingly vast between these two styles of bulbs. Also, fluorescents last longer and don’t give off as much heat as incandescent bulbs. Everyone’s a winner, the environment, you, and your bank account.

4. Limit the Use of Heated Appliances to Evening Hours

Appliances such as your oven, dishwasher and dryer should be used only during the evening hours, whenever possible. The less you use these items during the heat of the day, the less work your air conditioner has to do to make up for the higher temperatures invading your house, and the less likely you are to end up with extra generated heat to deal with.

If you have any more, please don’t be shy…

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  1. Sandra Mercier says:

    Thank you for the tips. They are totally helpful! Thanks again. Hope to hear more from you.

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