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Published on December 20th, 2012 | by Pete


4 Tips For Savings In 2013

With the holiday season upon us, a lot of emphasis is being placed, as usual, on ways to save a bit of money. The holidays, for all of their festivity and joy, are very expensive, and often this time of year throws financial problems into sharp relief. However, while it’s perfectly fine to find ways to save while Christmas shopping and organizing your holiday, the real benefit in recognizing the financial stress of this time of year is in setting yourself up to save over the course of the next year. With that in mind, here are four tips you may not have considered before for how you can more effectively save money in 2013.

1. Cut Back On Water & Electricity

Most people spend far more than they need to on water and electric bills. If you live in an apartment or home in which your water and electricity bills are directly related to your own consumption, this is a great opportunity for savings. Taking shorter showers, turning off taps while washing dishes or brushing your teeth, and turning off lights and other electronics when they aren’t in use are all steps that you can take to drastically reduce your monthly bills.

2. Buy A Water Filter

If you tend to spend money on luxuries like bottled water, or even other bottled drinks, you can save a great deal by buying a water filter. This sort of investment can turn your ordinary tap water into crisp, clean and healthy drinking water. Not only will this be more appealing when you happen to want water, but it will also likely lead you to drink more water in general. This is healthy, and also cuts back on your need for purchased, bottled beverages. If you live in a household that relies on bottled water, the savings could be immediate and surprisingly significant.

3. Purchase Necessary Insurance

While precautionary expenses can be difficult to stomach, and do not necessarily lead to savings in the immediate future, insurance can save you from unforeseen expenses, which can of course be significant. Contact a respected insurance provider like Aviva to make sure that you have all of the insurance you need in your life. This won’t result in tangible savings, but it is a vital step in creating a sense of financial security, and could certainly save you from burdensome costs in the future.

4. Get More Sleep

Relating sleep to financial savings may seem like a stretch at first, but when you consider the specific factors involved, it makes a great deal of sense. Consider the following: when people stay up later, they tend to consume more food and drink at night. Furthermore, if you are tired during the day you are more likely to spend additional money on energy sources like coffee, sodas, or even extra food. This adds up, but your daily bill can be reduced quite naturally if you make an effort to stay more rested.

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