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Published on September 5th, 2012 | by Pete


5 Back to School Money Saving Tips

It’s that time of year again where the little ones go back to school, and parents up and down the country can begin the mission to regain their sanity, and hopefully some of their hard earned cash! However, kids going back to school can be an expensive business in itself. So, here’s how to hang onto a bit more of your money:

1. Check out the local Pound Stores

These stores can contain a fair amount of tat. However, they also stock some perfectly good items, especially when it comes to items such as lunchboxes, pencil cases and some stationary. Plus, brand new quality stationary can often be swapped at school for stickers, prized conkers and something moshi monster related, so it can often make sense to keep initial outlay on these items low.  If you can set the children the challenge of seeing how much they can get with a set budget, you also save money, keep them occupied, and it’s educational! See, here at MoneySuperstar we’re even thrifty with our tips!

2. Personalise Budget Items

Now, we all know that kids are renowned for their patience and understanding when it comes to having to work within financial limitations. However, if your child is one of the rarer, less tolerant persuasion, there are ways they can avoid missing out on current fads, and you also keeping some fo your cash.   Instead of spending ten times as much in a pencil case as it has a certain motif or current ‘awesomely cool’ character / logo on it, why not buy blank and cheaper items and then spend time personalising them with the kids. This saves cash, and again doubles up as a fun activity. Some designs are easy to replicate, such as Batman logos etc, although I wish you all the best in recreating ‘Ben 10’ and ‘Pokemon’ logos!

3. Recycle Last Years Stuff

I think most parents have been guilty of just rushing out and buying new stuff every year. It’s probably quite unnecessary a lot of the time, as a lot of times that were in your children’s pencil case last year, will be just as serviceable this year. Why not tell your children that anything they can sue from last year will save money from their stationary ‘budget’ meaning that they can also enjoy some of the savings for other items. This will also help get them into the habit of budgeting from a young age, something I’m sure they will appreciate in later life! Also, are there any more pens or pencils lying around the house that you can use, or could be quickly and cheaply spruced up to save cash. It may well be worth checking ‘that’ drawer in the kitchen that has all kinds of nik naks, old stationary, and possibly some old relics in.

4. Buy Good Quality Shoes

If there is one area it is worth spending a bit more on, it’s school shoes. This area really can be a case of getting what you pay for, and you can pick up some very cheap school shoes, but the consequence can unfortunately be that they fall off your child’s feet after one day at school. Buying quality is worth it, and this will save you money in the long run. Robust shoes that can survive a few football games and scuffing incidents will pay dividends long term.

5. Check out the National Childbirth Trust (NCT)

This is the UK’s largest charity for parents, and they hold regular sales where parents can access good quality used clothes, sporting equipment, as well as other helpful items, at bargain prices, which are often much lower then high street prices. Find them at:


So there we have it. Here at MoneySuperstar we hope you saved some money and that you don’t miss the little cherubs too much whilst they are back at School.

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