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Published on August 29th, 2011 | by Pete


5 Halloween Money Saving Tips

We are not far away from that time of year when we start to celebrate all things scary! Now I’m not much of a halloween fan myself, as I am very easily scared, and will often jump out of my skin if someone shuts a window unexpectedly, or if a dog barks 3 streets away. As you can imagine, I am brilliant to live with. Anyway, lots of people do like Halloween, and so I say good for them! Here are some ways you can save money over what can be a fiendishly (sorry) expensive evening:

1. Costumes

Costumes are a massive part of the Halloween fun, and can therefore be a real drain on purses and wallets. When it comes to costumes, you can save a packet just by utilising things that are already around your homes. It also makes it a bit more fun in my opinion. Toilet roll can be used to replicate flaky zombie like skin, or if you are super committed, a whole mummy outfit! Another thing to consider is that a lot of the cheaper shop chains such as Poundland will sell accessories and costume related materials incredibly cheap, including fake blood and pointy teeth etc.

2. Bake Treats

If you are someone who embraces the Halloween tradition, than you may normally be someone who buys sweets ready to give to any little terrors who decide to knock on your door demanding bribes not to assault you or your home. Indeed, you may even own such a little terror, who is rampaging round other parts of town. Either way, rather than buying sweets that can get quite expensive (especially if you are expecting a lot of visitors) why not bake cookies? The added advantages of this is that you can make them with the kids as a fun activity, and you can also make them into appropriate shapes, such as pumpkins or witches hats. It is very likely to save you money as well.

3. Party Games

You might actually be having a Halloween themed party. If you are, than there are savings to be had by utilising free materials that are available online. These include Halloween games for the children, some of which will include the computer, some of which will not. There are loads of good ideas for fun games available free on the Internet. A quick and simple google search will allow you access to bundles of free Halloween entertainment.

4. Party Food

If you are hosting a party, than how might you feed your guests on a budget? There are some classic options such as chilli; which is a very cheap meal, easy to prepare in bulk, and will also keep everyone warm at what can be quite a chilly time of year. A couple of french sticks and maybe some jacket potatoes, and everyone will be satisfied, and you won’t have had to of blown your budget. Also encouraging your guests to ‘bring a bottle’ is a good money saver, and if they know that you are providing some food I am sure they would be only too happy to oblige.

5. Halloween Grinch

I don’t know what the equivalent to the Christmas grinch is, but if you do not want to partake in any Halloween activities, then you can save yourself a fortune with a simple sign to pop on your front door or gate, politely requesting that you are excluded from trick or treating. This tip will save you the most money as then you will also not need to have anything ready to give to the costumed door knockers. You can make the signs – or some local Police forces actually have signs you can download and print for free from their websites, so it’s always worth checking them.

So there we have it. A few tips to help you save some money over the Halloween period. I’m sure there are loads of other ideas, so please share them….

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