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Published on June 13th, 2011 | by Pete


5 Top Money Saving Tips for Festivals

I’ve just got back from the Isle of Wight Festival. Very good all in all, apart from the Sunday which I seemed to mostly spend trying to avoid drowning! I took a fair amount of money I had saved, but as the ticket cost me the best part of £200 and I had to travel there, it turned out to be an expensive event! Here are some money saving ideas:

1. Work for charity

Some events, such as Bestival in September (also on the Isle of Wight incidentally) have a lot of charity stalls and schemes which need volunteers. You won’t get paid of course, but your ticket will be free! And you can enjoy good karma as a result of working for a charity. Some charities go one step further and even give their staff food vouchers, meaning you only have to pay to get there and for your beer!

2. Car share

Travelling to Festivals is often one of the biggest expenses. Many festival websites included schemes which link travelers up together, meaning that costs can easily be split between a larger party. If you get on well, they may even help you with the complicated tent construction process.

3. Travel at inconvenient times

Much of the time spent at the festival is spent waiting for food / drinks / music / apologies, so why not start the waiting early and take advantage of cheaper coach travel at less popular times, such as very early in the morning. It would also get you to the front of the queue meaning you can avoid the camping spot directly next to the toxic toilets.

4. Take your own booze

An obvious one this. It may be heavy and cumbersome, and a pain to carry to your tent, but it will save you a fortune to take your own beer. Check the websites for rules though, as at most festivals you will only be able to drink your own alcohol on the camp site, and glass is normally (sensibly) confiscated upon entry to the campsites.

5. Take your own food

There is normally plenty of choice for food at the festivals, but it is incredibly expensive. You can end up paying £7-£8 for food, and the portions are not exactly gargantuan. I have found cereal bars and biscuits (particularly oat based ones) to be great for filling you up. You probably can’t avoid buying food at some point (and drinking on an empty stomach is not a great idea) but you don’t really want to be paying for more than one meal a day in the main festival site.

So there you have it. I hope you have a very memorable time, and that you get less wet then I did! I also hope that you are able to save yourself a few quid, and that you have some kind of protective clothing for using the toilets. If anyone else has any money saving gems, don’t be shy, let us know…

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  1. Susie says:

    Good tips Pete! I tried the car sharing suggestion and not only did I save oodles on my travel costs, but I also made some new friends. We’re already planning to travel to the same festival again next year! Lovin’ the site xx

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