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Published on January 17th, 2015 | by Pete


5 Top Tips on Saving Money whilst in the Car

We are a nation of car lovers. There are a number of statistics which prove this. Cars are also expensive, and I’m confident that there are a number of statistics that also prove this. I drive to work, and I like doing that. It’s convenient, comfortable, and I can come and go as I please. I’m sure this is the case for lots of other people as well. So given most of us aren’t going to want to give up our cars, how can we save cash? Here are some ideas…

1. Work from home

This is not always possible if course, and depends very much on the job you do. I can’t imagine that a policeman would be very effective tucked up at home, whilst rogues are out and about criminalising willy nilly. However, if you have more of an office job, and one that can involve internet working from home, than you are potentially on to a winner. Every day you can work from home is a day saved on fuel and car use.

2. Spot the cheapest fuel source

I imagine that you go past a few petrol stations on your way to work. Do you bother to check out the prices, or do you just go to the same one every week out of habit? With fuel generally being more expensive these days, why not use the internet to help you pinpoint where the bargains are? There are sites that allow you to enter your postcode and let you know where the cheapest petrol that week can be found.

3. Keep your heater and air conditioning use down

We all like to be appropriately cool / warm in the car, but these two activities use fuel , which of course costs money. If you are hot, get a window / sun roof open, and if you are cold, put a woolly hat on. These seem obvious, but can save you a packet over a longer period of time. If your car is anything like mine, by the time it has reached optimum temperature, than 25 minutes has passed since you started your journey and you have arrived at work.

4. Keep the car as empty as possible

Unnecessary ballast is simply a drain on your resources. If there is a load of old bricks in your car from that building job six months ago, get them out. This is costing you money, (in terms of extra fuel use) and is unnecessary. This rule cannot really apply to people, who in my experience, get very offended if you start referring to them as ballast (although it might just be the case that my mother in law is very sensitive). I’d keep jump leads and fire extinguishers in there though.

5. Car Pool

I take colleagues to and from work. Whilst this adds ballast, as discussed above, it does have benefits. Not only does it make the journey to and from work more entertaining, and allow for a thorough debrief on the way home, your passengers can contribute to your petrol costs, which makes sense for all concerned.

So there you have it. 5 things to think about that should help you save cash. If you have any more top car related tips, please feel free to share…

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