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Published on September 22nd, 2011 | by Pete


5 Top Tips to Save Money on Exercise and Fitness

We all from time to time think we need to shift a few pounds. Some of us may think that the best thing to do is to join a gym. I’ve done it myself. I join the gym feeling all proud of myself, and then stop me membership a few months later having spent the best part of £100, and having gone to the gym twice! Having said that, maybe I was demotivated  by all of the rippling muscles and treadmill rage that seems to occur there. Anyway, I thought I’d suggest some cheaper forms of exercise, for all of my fellow gym dodgers out there!

1. Use free internet tools

Websites such as has free diet planners, food trackers, expert advice, calorie counters and supportive message boards. It’s fairly similar in format to Weightwatchers, only has the advantage of being free. It also has lots of healthy recipe ideas, as well as free exercise videos.

2. Find cheap / free gym equipment and car boot sales are great places to source equipment you can use at home, such as free weights, or mini trampolines. The added advantage of these kind of items is that you can use them at home whilst you are watching TV! This can also apply to exercise DVDs which you can pick up quickly, and get a lot of use out of.

3. Where possible – walk

This might sound obvious, or too difficult to do with our busy lives nowadays. However, it is possible. If you can walk somewhere and have the time, do it. It will save money as you won’t be using the car, or the petrol in it.

4. Avoid long term gym memberships

I don’t hate the gym, I just think it’s a bad idea signing up to a deal that will keep you locked into a monthly fee. It’s probably better to see how often you go and pay every time for a month or so. If you find you are using it regularly, then maybe you are a safer bet for a more regular payment. It’s also worth checking to see of your employment can get you a discount. If you work in the public sector, there are often discounts available – check your local council website for information.

5. Deliver leaflets

A very quick google search for leaflet distribution jobs indicate that there are plenty of opportunities to make money whilst you are exercising! What a bonus – losing pounds whilst earning pounds! I can’t think of a better motivator to exercise then the idea of simultaneously earning money.

These are just a few ideas that popped into my mind. As always, your money saving ideas are welcome. Now, where did I leave that Lorraine Kelly DVD…

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