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Published on August 31st, 2014 | by Pete


Chauffeur Firms Runs Solely on 100% Renewable Energy

A London chauffeur firm that was previously famous for running its entire fleet on electricity has now gone another step forward by teaming up with GoldPower who will offset each MWh of power used by the fleet with renewable energy from sources such as solar power and wind.

eConnect cars which is based in Canary Wharf in central London already has a fleet of cars that are 100% electric powered, has now confirmed that their fleet is now powered completely by renewable energy.

eConnect have a fleet of top spec Nissan LEAF’s that run purely on electricity. This already makes a significant difference to the CO2 footprint but this latest step means that they basically make no footprint at all on the environment.

CO2 Free

Their service offers similar prices to that of minicabs for short journeys and similar prices to that of chauffeur services for the longer hauls. As part of their service they provide a print out for their customers after each journey that shows them a calculation from Energy Saving Trust just how many CO2’s were saved.

This latest step now sees GoldPower measure exactly how much power was used throughout each journey and then offsetting it through renewable energy sources. This has brought endorsements from the likes of the WWF and the Carbon Disclosure project who now classify eConnect as a zero emissions company.

100% Renewable Energy

eConnect have always strived to offer a service for its customers that offers as little impact on the environment as possible and it seems that this has now been completely achieved. The fleet already had no tailpipe emissions and now the car is practically powered through the tide, wind and sun.

It would be great to see a continuation of the steady progress being made to bringing more of these cars to the roads. Whilst they are obviously great for the environment, they are also much better economically too, allowing for money to be saved to pay for other expenses such as chauffeur car insurance.

Better for the environment, cheaper to run and in many cases cheaper to purchase too, the sooner we have only environmentally friendly cars on our roads, the better. Our roads are jam packed with cars that are simply polluting the atmosphere and although things are getting better, there is still a long way to go.

Renewable energy has been growing steadily over the years with it now reported to represent almost 20% of the total energy generated in the UK. This figure is set to grow year on year, which is obviously extremely good news. Many more industries are becoming environment friendly focused and not just talking the talk but also walking the walk.

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