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Published on August 11th, 2014 | by Pete


Cheap Driving Experiences: Too Good to be True?

“Ferrari Driving Experience for £40!”


“Ride in a Lamborghini for £19.99”

We’ve all seen the cheap driving experiences on offer online but are they actually any good? It doesn’t take a mastermind to work out that if a driving experience is under half the price of others that you’ve seen from reputable companies, then there is probably a catch. A quick search on Google for these cheap “days out” soon reveal scores of bad reviews that complain about the same things time and time again:

– Driving “Experience” but you don’t actually get to drive
– Minimal time in the car
– Hours of waiting for only a few laps
– Impersonal human conveyer belt experience
– Small, uninspiring circuits
– Old, poorly maintained vehicles (not the cars that were advertised)
– No spectator stands
– Poor cafe and visitor areas
– Hidden on-the-day insurance costs
– Hidden administration costs
– Rude unprofessional staff

In fact a lot of these cheap driving days out aren’t “days out” at all. You only get to drive for a short amount of time (if at all) and the rest of the day is spent waiting while queues of others have their go for the same price.

The old saying goes: if you buy cheap; you buy twice. Don’t waste your money or time at second-rate driving centres, with second rate cars and amateur circuits. If you want a real driving experience then go direct to the best racetracks in the UK. At a professional racetrack you to drive on the circuits that have been designed to challenge the world’s greatest drivers, not an amateur oval track in the owners field. You get to soak up the atmosphere and history of the racetrack and feel like a professional driver for the day. The cars are not only properly maintained, but the UK’s best racetracks like Silverstone, Brand Hatch, and Goodwood have vehicles that you won’t be able to drive anywhere else in the country.

In fact driving experiences at Silverstone offer the only chance to drive on a current F1® circuit in the UK. There’s also the chance to drive Aston Martins, Audis, Mercedes as well as riding inches from the ground in rapid single seaters. If you’re after one the greatest adrenaline rushes to be found from a driving experience then look no further than Silverstone’s Hypersonic Experience. 0-60mph in 3 seconds then from there up to 150mph propelled by a 3.7L V8 Ford Cyclone engine. This is the closest that a member of the general public will ever get to experiencing what it is like for Lewis Hamilton, Jensen Button, Sebastian Vettel, and all the other great F1® drivers who have graced the legendary circuit, to take part in the British Grand Prix. This is of course exclusive to Silverstone and an experience that a true F1® fan will never forget

Historic tracks like Silverstone are the home of British motorsports, so if you want to buy someone a driving experience that they will never forget make sure that you go to the right places.

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