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Published on December 7th, 2014 | by Pete


Costs Vs Savings Of Owning a Dog

Insurance pioneer Bought By Many have recently launched a new report entitled ‘Costs VS savings of owning a dog. They’ve shown that dogs don’t just bring loyalty and love but a few unexpected savings too.

Here’s how your pooch could be saving you money.

1. Save on Gym Memberships

No need for gym memberships with you have a dog around. All dogs need exercise so instead of hitting an expensive gym your dog can help keep you fit an healthy.

2. Save on Spa Treatments

We all need time to relax and many of us do this with an expensive trip to a spa. Who needs a facial when you have a dog that will happily lick your face?

3. Save on Dating Websites

Internet dating is a modern way to meet new people. But most come with a steep price tag. With your pup around you don’t need dating sites, taking him to the park where you can meet others dog owners is completely free. Your dog can also be an excellent conversation starter keeping any awkward silences at bay.

4. Save on Alarm Systems

Burglars don’t want to enter the home of someone with a dog. You don’t have to have a Rottweiler to scare wrong uns away even a tiny terriers bark is frightening enough.

5. Save on Christmas Decorations

When your dog is just going to rip them down why bother buying them in the first place?

About Bought By Many

We help people club together to buy insurance. We connect people with similar insurance needs in groups and use the groups collective buying power to negotiate offers on insurance that wouldn’t be available to individuals.

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