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Published on December 27th, 2012 | by Pete


Don’t be sold down the River by Christmas Sales

So, Christmas is done, and it’s that time of year when thousands of people celebrate one of the most expensive events of the year by spending more money (or returning that delightful jumper that Nan gave them). The sales are an opportunity to save money on items that you have had your eye on for a while, or just treat yourself at a knocked down price. However, if you are not careful, they are also an opportunity for some fairly severe money wasting.

I’ve been after a new bag for work, some smart shoes, and a belt for a few months now. I decided that I would wait until the sales, so that I could get these items at a reduced price. A cunning plan you would think, and I certainly felt very smug about it. However, the forces that be were not keen on me making these purchases at a bargain price. It all started on Christmas Eve, when the sales started. I got an email from a certain retailer, to announce the start of their sales. I excitedly logged on to their site, and began to peruse. I found a bag and a belt I wanted, and then added them to by online bag. I went to buy them, and in the one minute between selecting the items, and trying to buy them, they had sold out. This was very annoying, but I decided to try again over the next few days.

On boxing day, I went into the town centre with Mrs MoneySuperstar. The town looked fairly quiet, but I shortly realised that this was because everyone was in the one shop I wanted to go in. I hate shopping at the best of times, so when it involves people dashing around bumping into me, scooping up handfuls of things I was looking at, and generally behaving in ways that would not look out of place in a riot, then I can become very grumpy. Obviously, as I had arrived later than dawn, all of the items I wanted had been grabbed by other ‘people’. As you can imagine, I was becoming very frustrated by this.

Then, a strange thing started happening. I started to feel desperate, I wanted to bag myself a ‘bargain’, and started considering buying things I did not actually need. I have too many shirts already, but that did not stop me seriously considering buying a couple of nice shirts from the sale rack. Why was this happening? I blame ‘sales frenzy’. I honestly believe that seeing everyone running around with armfuls of clothes panicked me into thinking that I was missing out, and it was this feeling that nearly led me to spend money I had no need to. Luckily, my wife reappeared at this point, and we left. We tried another shop, but I was thoroughly grumpy, so we went home instead. I managed to find all the items I wanted at good prices on the internet, and I gradually slipped out of my grump.

So there we have it, a little post Christmas warning. Don’t let the sales dictate to you how much money you are going to spend. If you are liable to feel panicked like me, and potentially suffer the effects of ‘sales frenzy’, then I would stay at home and use the internet. The other bonus of doing this of course, is that you can peruse items with a cup of tea and some personal space, two things which will not be available on your local high street.

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